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The 1-Stage is a stage format found at older Chuck E. Cheese's locations. These stages are configured as Munch's Make Believe Band.


The original concept for the stage was introduced in specific versions of the 2-Stage, to which there was no Fiber Optic sign nor TV screen to separate Chuck E. Cheese and the other band members. In May 1993, the first version of this stage, the decor, and the characters' outfits had different changes from the final version. These new changes included renaming the band to "Munch's Party Time Band" and giving Helen yellow hair (a staple she would soon take with this early version) and a roller skate costume, Munch, a tie, as well as retiring his hat, Jasper, a more punk rock look, and giving Pasqually a baseball outfit. This version was only in Department 18 and at the Irving TX location.

The first public 1-Stage was introduced in 1992 at Waldorf, Maryland with the finalized version installed in 1994 at Irving, Texas. It is a traditional CEC Stage that, as its name suggests, is a compact show that is restricted to the size of only one stage, as well as having simple bots to which were named "Cyberamics" in the early 1980s. The animatronic arrangement here is not unlike the other CEC Stages; Chuck E., Helen, Munch, Jasper, and Pasqually lined up from left to right in that order. The stage is unlike the usual Cyberamic MMBB stage, as it has a specific backdrop that implements two brick walls with either a fiberoptic sign or an MMBB logo sign (behind Chuck E. and Pasqually), as well as a more colorful version of the original rooftop buildings, seen initially on previous MMBB-styled stages. Originally, the stage had 2-Stage backdrops and was smaller before the finalized design was released in 1994. The show's size takes up very little of the Showroom floor, creating a simple and yet effective form of animatronic entertainment. An interesting thing to note with this stage is that some, but not all, 1-Stages have a unique feature, a turntable beneath the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic that rotates when the walkaround Chuck E. Cheese comes out for live shows or to mingle with the young guests. The feature was meant to avoid the confusion of seeing two Chuck E.'s, one on stage and one on the floor. The turntable, thus, solves this problem by creating the illusion that the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese came off the stage.

Newer stages would soon rearrange around the different props featured in the final version that appeared at Irving. Soon, these brand new stages would take back the original outfits the characters wore earlier in the 1990s and dropping features like the turntable. Irving, after their Phase 4 remodel, would also go through these changes.

As of May 2022, 34 1-Stages remain in operation in the United States and Chile[1].

Special 1-Stages[]

  • Before its closure in 2018, the 1-Stage in North Wales, Pennsylvania lacked the Wink, the Munch's Make Believe Band sign, and the brick backdrop behind Pasqually.
  • The 1-Stage in Fairview Heights, Illinois was one of the few 1-Stages with 2-Stage props. It also had Chuck E.'s hat until 2012. This location removed their stage and got 2.0 in 2019.
  • The 1-Stage in Pearl City, Hawaii no longer has the Wink and a flat-screen TV has been put in its place. It also has a nonfunctioning Chuck E. Cheese turntable, which has been turned around to the back, with the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic remaining behind it. Mr. Munch also wears a Hawaiian shirt. It is also in a state of disrepair.
  • The 1-Stage in Lo Barnchea, Chile no longer features the Wink and it has a picture of PTT Chuck in Pasqually's drumhead. Jasper holds the Phase 3 poster guitar instead of a plastic one. It is also the only known 1-Stage outside of the United States, along with Mall Plaza Oeste, Chile, which has 2-Stage backdrops, and lacks the Wink, the star behind Chuck E., spotlights, Pasqually's Amateur Hour sign and the MMBB sign. Jasper is also sitting on a real speaker, and the stage has PTT arm movements on Chuck E. and Helen, and it opened in 2011, being the final location to open with a 1-Stage. Both locations have the final Avenger hats on a 1-Stage. Lo Barnchea's 1-Stage is in a state of disrepair.
  • The 1-Stage in Akron, Ohio is one of the final Phase 3 1-Stages, as well as the last location with Pizza Time Theater posters.
  • The 1-Stage in Manchester, Connecticut had New London, Connecticut's (now closed) old Helen mask. This location has since removed their stage for 2.0.
  • The 1-Stage in Attleboro, Massachusetts had the final Tuxedo outfit before it was removed in 2014 and replaced with an Avenger outfit. This 1-Stage also had a unique mask on Munch and it had the Munch‘s Make Believe Band sign between both Jasper and Pasqually. This location has since removed their stage for 2.0. Attleboro's old 1-Stage has since been sent back to Corporate for parts. It had also been in a state of disrepair from 2013-2015.
  • The 1-Stage in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts has Helen wearing shoes with pink shoelaces with breast cancer ribbons on them, Mr. Munch wearing shoes with purple shoelaces, and Worcester's Pasqually mask base, with their original jaw, mustache, and nose on it.[2] It is also the last location in New England and MA to have Chuck E.'s latex feet.
  • The 1-Stage in Newington, Connecticut has no Munch's Make Believe Sign, and Helen, Jasper and Pasqually have unique masks. It is the only 1-Stage in New England to have a 2-Stage background. It is also the only 1-Stage in the state (and the final Cyberamic stage in the state), and the only Cyberamic stage to feature Chuck E. in his rockstar shirt and jeans in the New England region and state. It is also in a state of disrepair.
  • The 1-Stages in Durham, North Carolina, El Paso "Sunland", Texas, Columbus, Ohio, Lancaster, California, and Waldorf, Maryland had no curtain valence (rather a wall piece), and the stages are tiny. Lancaster, California relocated, and Waldorf got an alpha then relocated.
  • The 1-Stage in Bel Air, Maryland had a 1-Stage with a 2-Stage background with no Pasqually brick wall, and Pasqually had a unique mask. This location removed the stage and got 2.0 in 2019.
  • The 1-Stage in Columbus "Soldano", Ohio has the brick backdrop behind Pasqually reading "Pasqually's Amateur Hour Live" with the "Amateur Hour" part in a different font. Lancaster, California also had this backdrop.
  • The 1-Stage in Murrietta, California is the only 1-Stage to have a Wink with the "In Pizza We Trust" slogan.
  • The 1-Stage in Chicago "Fullerton", Illinois has Chuck E.'s old mask from Streamwood, Illinois (now closed), and Helen and Jasper have the old masks from Skokie, Illinois. They also removed the Rope Light Tube in 2014 leaving the actual rope light by itself. They are one of the only remaining 1-Stages with side to side curtains. It is the final location in Illinois to have a Helicopter Light, and the final 1-Stage in the state. This location's stage is currently in a state of disrepair.
  • The 1-Stage in Tucson, Arizona had a working turntable until they relocated with a 16-movement Circles of Light in October 2014, along with Chuck E.'s latex feet. Another thing to note was Jasper's Pizza Time Theatre shirt that was transferred over from the location in Jackson, Mississippi. This was the only 1-Stage, and the final Cyberamic show in the state.
  • The 1-Stage in North Bergen, New Jersey got yellow hair for Helen Henny in Fall 2019.
  • The 1-Stage in Staten Island, New York has a black valence, a unique star behind Chuck E., Helen's yellow hair, a giant postcard with the MMBB sign behind Pasqually, and unique buildings. They also had a mini stage for live shows before it was damaged in a flood which is why they have a 2.0 carpet.
  • The 1-Stage in Sandy, Utah had PTT masks for Chuck E., Jasper, Munch, and Pasqually, and Chuck E.'s latex feet. This location closed in 2014 and it's now All Star Bowling & Entertainment.
  • The 1-Stage in Hicksville, New York has Chuck E.'s latex feet, and it still has a flag holder next to him. This location's Chuck E. wears the final Cool Chuck shirt in the state.
  • The 1-Stage in Lakeland, Florida had 2-Stage backdrops like many of the earlier 1-Stages. The Jasper and Helen animatronics were moved to the 2-Stage in Tampa when they replaced their stage with a Studio C Beta.
  • The 1-Stage in Citrus Heights, California used to be a Road Stage. They got the stage in mid 2015 from Rohnert Park, CA when they replaced their 1-Stage with a Circles of Light in 2014. Citrus Heights' 1-Stage still contains the original stage layout and speakers from the aforementioned Road Stage.
  • The 1-Stage in Irving, Texas was the first finalized 1-Stage with Chuck E. on a turntable. It was in a state of disrepair until they got 2.0 in 2019. It was installed after Lakeland's stage was installed.
  • The 1-Stage in Deptford, New Jersey has 2-Stage backdrops like most 1-Stages that were installed from 1993-Early 1995, and it has a flat-screen TV in place of the MMBB sign. The TV suffered glitches during October of 2020 and got repaired around November or December of 2020. Chuck E. had his Cool Chuck outfit until early 2020.
  • The 1-Stage in Pico Rivera, California has a black valence, and it lacks the Wink and the MMBB sign.
  • The 1-Stage in Lowell, Massachusetts had the final Cool Chuck outfit in New England. Munch also has the mask from Newington, New Hampshire's 2-Stage. Chuck E.'s, Helen's, and Jasper's top halves are all from the 2-Stage in Worcester, with Chuck E.'s khakis remaining.
  • The 1-Stage in Springfield, Missouri Lacks the MMBB logo, and drumhead logo for Pasqually’s drums. It is also the final state to have the red hat for Chuck.


  • Although the 1-Stage, 2-Stage, and Road Stage are all very similar, there are often some additional differences with the band itself. For instance, sometimes Munch sports a personalized hat, sometimes no hat at all.
  • The "Wink" is a fiberglass decoration above all the CEC stages (and the 3-Stage as well), created in a shiny gold likeness of Chuck E.'s face. Coinciding with the playing showtape, the face will occasionally wink, often before an intermission or during another key moment in a showtape. The "ribbons" on the sides of Chuck E.'s head read at one time, "In Pizza We Trust", a slogan that also appeared on tokens, cups, and the sort. Today, most have been repainted with red and white paint, while some still have "In Pizza We Trust".
  • This stage was the last stage to feature two things:
    • The last new stage to feature five characters until the CU 1-Stage.
    • The last new stage to date to feature Cyberamics.