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The 2-Stage is a stage format found at Chuck E. Cheese's locations. Most of these locations originated as Pizza Time Theatre locations. These stages are configured as Munch's Make Believe Band.


The 2-Stage was introduced in March 1992 with the first installation in White Settlement, Texas. Some 2-Stages were created from Balcony and C-Stages, mainly involving putting the animatronics on new leg assemblies, installing new arm assemblies on Munch and Pasqually, and redressing the animatronics to resemble their 3-Stage counterparts.[1]

The 2-Stage is very similar to the 1-Stage; the only real difference being that, rather than all five band members sharing one stage, Chuck E. is off to the right side on his own stage, with his own curtains and lighting. On the main stage, where Chuck E. usually stands, there is a large-screen rear projection TV that plays the current showtape; above the TV is a color-changing Fiber Optic display that reads "Chuck E. Cheese." The remaining characters, Helen, Munch, Jasper, and Pasqually, are on stage left. The Wink is above both stages.

Throughout the 1990s up to the 2010s, some 2-Stages have been converted to 1-Stages with their original props remaining. These conversions are unofficially known as 1/2 Stages.

As of May 2022, there are 25 operational 2-Stages in the United States and Canada[2].

Special 2-Stages[]

  • Before its closure in June 2020, the 2-Stage in White Settlement, Texas (in addition to being the very first 2-Stage) had a different design (resembling more like a 3-Stage) than the other existing 2-Stages. It also had Munch's Road/Early 3-Stage keyboard instead of the 1/2-Stage keyboard. Jasper also had his barrel that is usually on the 3-Stage, as well as his banjo. This 2-Stage also featured a unique TKO Drumhead.
  • Before its closure in December 2005, the 2-Stage in San Antonio, "Windsor Cross", Texas, was the second 2-Stage made. It featured a unique organ front, star, Jasper's Barrel, and a red base for Chuck E. Previously, it housed the first C-Stage.
  • The 2-Stage in Philadelphia "Snyder", Pennsylvania, has a speaker underneath Munch's keyboard like most 2-Stages. Jasper is also missing his hat, and Chuck E. has his Rockstar outfit.
  • Before its closure in June 2020, the 2-Stage in Waterbury, Connecticut had Chuck E.'s Tuxedo outfit until it was removed in Summer 2011 and replaced with his Avenger outfit. It was the final 2-Stage to have it.
  • The 2-Stage in Tinley Park, Illinois, still has Munch’s PTT mask and also has working fiber optic fireworks in the background. It is also in a state of disrepair, and is the final 2-Stage in the state. Chuck E. also wears his Cool Chuck outfit, and had his red hat for a short period of time in 2019 until it was removed again. Munch is wearing a tropical hat with palm trees on it, and also wears a lei around his neck. Pasqually has a unique drum set, that instead of being dark red like other 2-Stages, it is an off-white color.
  • The 2-Stage in Canton, Michigan has a microphone on Munch's keyboard, and Pasqually's drums are blue. Munch also has a PTT mask.
  • The 2-Stage in Chesapeake, Virginia (Sam's Circle on Battlefield Blvd) has a unique base for Chuck E. and his Avenger Chuck hat, Helen's old 1990s mask, a PTT Chuck drumhead for Pasqually (from Hampton, VA after it relocated in 2002), and Jasper has overalls. This stage originally came from the Merced, California PTT, and was the third 2-Stage before closing in the mid-1990’s.
  • The 2-Stage in San Jose "Kooser", California had also been in a state of disrepair due to the age of the animatronics, as this location housed them since the Balcony Stage in the 1970s ("Kooser" was the second-ever Chuck E. Cheese's to open after "Winchester"), and Chuck E. had his latex feet until they replaced them in late 2019-early 2020 with the plastic feet. This location closed in June 2020.
  • The 2-Stage in Glen Burnie, Maryland had Chuck E., Munch (which was later replaced with Silver Spring's mask), and Jasper's PTT masks, and Helen had unique hair. This location received 2.0 in 2018.
  • The 2-Stage in Tampa, Florida was fixed throughout 2015-2019. Several changes included Helen's yellow hair, neon lights around the buildings and the Wink, Chuck E. wearing his Avenger Chuck hat until late 2019 and the curtains were re-enabled to close manually. They also had the Jasper and Helen from Lakeland, Florida. This location received 2.0 in August 2019.
  • The 2-Stage in Brandon, Florida had a blue screen and camera in the former cabaret room, this was the only ever existing stage location to have this and was removed during their Phase 4 remodel. The stage was relocated to the back wall when they got Phase 4, but was not properly raised up. The work lights were also turned on and Jasper had his PTT mask. It was also in a state of disrepair. This location recieved 2.0 in 2021.
  • The 2-Stage in Union, New Jersey had Munch and Pasqually's PTT arm movements until 1994. This location got a Studio C Beta in 2005 and closed on November 17th, 2019.
  • The 2-Stage in Arlington, Texas replaced the first Rocker Stage, and it has Munch's PTT mask. Jasper had a PTT mask until 2011-2012. They had the Helicopter Lights until it was replaced with Disco Lights Chuck E. also has blue or yellow Cool Chuck Shirt but was replace with Avenger Chuck shirt and has the latex feet, Munch's hat has been removed and Helen has the mask from Irving Texas, which features yellow hair.
  • The 2-Stage in Burlington, Massachusetts had Jasper's banjo. This location closed in July 2017 and the animatronics were sent to the 3-Stage in Springfield, Massachusetts, with Jasper's banjo remaining. Springfield has since closed.
  • The 2-Stage in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the only 2-Stage in the state. Munch, Jasper, and Pasqually have clip-on microphones, and Chuck E. has his latex feet.
  • The 2-Stage in Modesto, California has a black valence and it does not feature The Wink.
  • The 2-Stage in Toronto (North York), Ontario is the last one outside the United States. It features Jasper's PTT mask (with a modern snout), Chuck E.'s Rockstar jeans, and a unique Munch mask.
  • The 2-Stage in Florence, Kentucky was the last in the state and was originally from the Hampton, Virginia location which closed in 2002. Jasper and Munch had PTT masks, and Chuck E.'s jaw color was different compared to the color of his snout. He also wore the Cool Chuck outfit, and the stage lacked the Wink. This location’s stage was removed on March 31, 2022 to make way for 2.0.
  • The 2-Stage in Danvers, Massachusetts had working curtains for Chuck E.'s stage so they could be closed for live/birthday shows. They removed the curtains in late 2018 and this location closed in April 2020.
  • The 2-Stage in Skokie, Illinois had Munch’s PTT mask, and had curtains until 2017. Jasper's PTT mask survived until 2009. Also, Chuck E. was wearing the Cool Chuck hat with the Avenger outfit. They got 2.0 in 2019.
  • The 2-Stage in Worcester, Massachusetts lacked the Munch's Make Believe Band sign. Jasper also had his banjo until 2013. This location received 2.0 in October 2021, with Chuck E., Helen, and Jasper's top halves being sent and used on Lowell's 1-Stage.
  • Before its closure on October 28th, 2018, the 2-Stage in Baltimore "Essex", Maryland had Munch's cap with his name on it, and Pasqually had a 1990’s mask.
  • The 2-Stage in Virginia Beach, Virginia had Chuck E.'s Rockstar jeans. Chuck E., Munch, Jasper, and Pasqually had PTT masks, and they had curtains until 2021. This stage was removed for 2.0 in May 2022.
  • The 2-Stage in Sacramento, California has Chuck E. wearing his Rockstar outfit and now lacks the silver projector.
  • The 2- Stage in Bell, California has Chuck E.'s Rockstar jeans and got his mask from Sun Valley California in Mid-2014.
  • The 2-Stage in Northridge, California has Chuck E.'s Cool Chuck outfit. They had curtains until 2019. Northridge also features Chuck E., Munch, and Jasper's masks from Lancaster, California.
  • The 2-Stage in Garden Grove, California has Chuck E.'s and Munch’s PTT masks, although the ears, snout, and jaw on Chuck E.'s mask have been replaced.
  • The 2-Stage in Erie, Pennsylvania has Chuck E. wearing his Cool Chuck outfit.
  • The 2-Stage in Lansing, Michigan used to have Chuck E. wearing his Cool Chuck outfit and walkaround blue hat, but it has since been replaced with his Rockstar outfit.
  • The 2-Stage in Chino, California still has working fiber optics fireworks and helicopter lights. Munch also has his PTT mask.
  • The 2-Stage in Covina, California still has helicopter lights.
  • The 2-Stage in Roseville, Michigan had Chuck E.'s Rockstar shirt and Jasper and Munch had their PTT masks. This location received 2.0 in 2021.
  • The 2-Stage in Cherry Hill, New Jersey has Chuck E. wearing his Rockstar outfit.
  • Before its closure in October 2020, the 2-Stage in Portland, Oregon had a wall valence, and was in a state of disrepair.
  • Before its closure in 2020, the 2-Stage in Rochester Hills, Michigan had Chuck E.'s Rockstar shirt and Helen's old 1990s mask, and Jasper had his banjo.
  • The 2-Stage in Philadelphia "Roosevelt", Pennsylvania had Chuck E. wearing his Rockstar outfit and the North Wales mask, and featured a wall piece. This location removed the stage and got 2.0 in 2019.
  • Before its closure in 2000, the 2-Stage at Mall Plaza, Vespucio, Chile had PTT arm movements for Chuck E. and Helen. Jasper was sitting on a real speaker and the MMBB sign was absent. It was the only 2-Stage in Chile, and now, this stage is at the Mall Plaza, Oeste location in the form of a 1-Stage.


  • Although the 1-Stage, 2-Stage, and Road Stage are all very similar, there are often some additional differences with the band itself. For instance, sometimes Munch sports a personalized hat, sometimes no hat at all. And sometimes, Jasper or Munch have their PTT masks. Most noticeably, some restaurants had Jasper playing a banjo, rather than his infamous cheese-shaped electric guitar.
  • The "Wink" is a fiberglass decoration above all the CEC stages (and the 3-Stage as well), created in a golden likeness of Chuck E's face. Coinciding with the playing showtape, the face will occasionally wink, often before an intermission or during another key moment in a showtape. The "ribbons" on the sides of Chuck E.'s head, read, at one time, "In Pizza We Trust", a slogan that also appeared on tokens, cups, and the sort. Most were painted over with red, white and blue paint.
  • The Road Stage was introduced in September 1990 in Springfield, Pennsylvania, the 2-Stage was introduced in March 26, 1992 in White Settlement, Texas, and the 1-Stage was introduced in March 1993 in Lakeland, Florida.