Artie Antlers original animatronic, with a black nose.

Artie Antlers is a classical rock piano-playing moose that operated in the Cabaret sections of Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre.

History and InfoEdit

Artie Antlers was introduced in 1980 and was voiced by Jim Cunningham. The character used the same animatronic as Dolli Dimples (minus the chest movement), and replaced Dolli Dimples at some locations. The character's original antlers were made of wood. However, these were replaced with styrofoam due to the original antlers being too fragile. He also originally had a brown nose, which was later removed and replaced with nostrils.

During the very early 1980s, Artie was used widely on PTT merchandise, appearing in print on items such as calendars and annual reports. He was also featured on items such as the “Chuck E. Cheese Cube” and other redemption items. After being discontinued in favor of B.B. Bubbles, aspects of Artie were used in ideas for new retrofits. These included a Davy Crockett style retrofit for Artie and a lumberjack character retrofit for The King. However, neither of these concepts were materialized past the concept art stage.[1] In 2017, Artie made a cameo appearance in the music video of Every Boy Every Girl in 2017.