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The Awesome Adventure Machine was a stage concept tested in 1996-1997 at the Montfort Drive location in Dallas, Texas, replacing a 3-Stage.


The concept was based on the Awesome Adventure Machine, a device that was used in showtapes from 1996-1997. The stage featured a single Chuck E. Cheese animatronic at center stage, with a large monitor on each side. The setup also utilized special showtapes that used different audio tracks to make use of the stage's unique features. The footage used in the showtapes made use of articulated costumes with animatronic mouths and eyes, which were introduced in the August 1996 show, which also introduced the AAM itself.

From a technical standpoint, the show operated using laserdiscs, with sound provided by a Dolby integrated seven-channel surround sound system. The video monitors were rear-projection.[1]

In late 1997 - early 1998, the Awesome Adventure Machine was replaced with a Studio C Alpha at Montfort Drive[2], and then they relocated with a Studio C Beta in 2001, the relocated location tested the Star Stage in 2010, and then was later replaced with a Circles of Light stage in 2012 and months later the animatronic was removed.

In December 2021, Brian Hagan (former employee at Department 18) uploaded a video of the stage upscaled to 4k.


Along with Chuck E. Cheese, the Awesome Adventure Machine contained three side characters that surrounded him in the machine on the showtapes produced from 1996 to 1997[1]. They were:

  • Brain-I-vac - a combination of computers, calculators and a vacuum cleaner who acted as Chuck E.'s first officer; calculating coordinates and keeping the command module tidy.
  • Dusty - Brainivac's sidekick. He was a mechanical dog-like device that sniffed out new data for the Awesome Adventure Machine's main computer.
  • O.R.B.I.S. - (Onboard Radar and Bearings Intelligence System), the Awesome Adventure Machine's navigational tracking system that keeps Chuck E. on course and out of trouble. He also provided the time and temperature.



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