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B.B. Bubbles is a Cabaret character that was at Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre.

History and Info[]

B.B. Bubbles was introduced in late 1982 and was retired in early 1983. She was a pink circus elephant with springs for hair, who held a microphone in her trunk. She sang in a high pitched voice and was prone to laughing and giggling. She played circus music and kids' music on a calliope which is a series of whistles similar to an organ.

The character used the same animatronic as Dolli Dimples and Artie Antlers, with Dolli Dimples' "chest" movement being used for B.B. Bubbles' trunk movement.

Despite being relatively short lived, B.B. Bubbles was featured on a circus themed poster[1] , the artwork of which made its way onto other forms of merchandise such as a scented candle[2].


BB Bubbles At CVX


  • She was made primarily to replace Dolli Dimples and Artie Antlers, just before Pizza Time Theatre was bought out by ShowBiz Pizza Place.
  • She is the third piano player since Dolli Dimples and Artie Antlers.
  • She was the first and only cabaret player to play a calliope.