Billy Bob's Wonderland is the last FEC restaurant operating in Barboursville, West Virginia that has the Rock-afire Explosion. Their Rock-afire Explosion is in very poor condition, with each character having faults.

The Billy Bob's Wonderland franchise dates back to 1989 with its first location in East Barboursville. There was a second location that opened in Ashland, KY but no opening date has been confirmed. The current location opened in 2003 and was a lot bigger than the two previous locations. Both shows from the old locations were brought to the current one but only one was put on stage. That would be the show from Ashland, KY.

There is also an amusement area with mini golf and go-karts. This section is called Billy Bob's Adventure Golf & Go-Karts. This section was closed in 2016.

As of August 2018, Rolfe no longer moves, Dook has a broken arm, and Beach Bear is wearing a walk-around head.