This article is about the Studio C character. For the character on the Uncle Klunk stage, see Murray D. Bird.

Bird is a green parrot with red wings who is Chuck E.'s sidekick as shown on the Studio C Alpha and on Studio C Alpha Beta Mix stages. On stage, he resides on a perch, and often announces for Chuck E. and the band.


Bird was originally designed to give Chuck E. someone to talk to on stage for Studio C Alpha (The plan originally was to phase out the other characters, however this plan was stopped.). Originally Bird had a more prominent role on stage, but later disappeared into the background, where he is today. In 1999, during the Fabulous World Adventure, Bird had his first and only lines voiced Duncan Brannan Now, Bird will not talk, except for doing back-up singing and occasional announcing. However, he will move around and flap his wings to the music.


  • May '98 (Studio C debut)
  • April '99 (Studio C only)
  • August '99 (Studio C only)
  • Memory Match flash game on the official CEC website
  • Costume Party (Studio C only)