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Building is a prop character found in Chuck E. Cheese's locations containing the 3-Stage format show. It is located in the background of Center Stage behind Helen Henny.

History and Role[]

Prior to Concept Unification, the Building was the Sun of The Rock-afire Explosion.

Like the Moon and Pizzacam, it would sing backup for Munch's Make Believe Band and would bounce up and down to the music. In a handful of shows, it was the announcer.

There are three variations of this character. One with blue windows and black eyes, an early version with black windows and blue eyes (see image below), and one with white windows and yellow eyes. The one with yellow eyes has wider eyes, and the early version seems to have a darker shade of grey, but may just be lighting.

Some Chuck E. Cheese's locations have removed this character.

Cosmetic Variations[]