Chuck E. Cheese's has used various puppets over the years. The puppets only appear on screens during showtapes. With the newer stages such as Studio C and Circles of Light, they are used in place of the more expensive animatronics.


These puppets were only used for the January 1991 showtape. Some of these puppets could be considered prototypes.


These puppets were used in shows and intermissions during the classic Munch's Make Believe Band era. Chuck wears his tuxedo, and Helen has her black and white hair. In some segments like CEC TV News, and in some showtapes, like “Games” (from July 1991), Chuck wears his classic red vest.

Between 1996 and 1999, they used costume characters, with animatronic heads.


These puppets were from Studio C, and look more like the plastic animatronics. Helen has her yellow hair and cheerleader outfit which was originally green but then was changed to purple, and Chuck is rarely seen. Munch looks like the previous version.


The five puppets were used in New Studio C version, now used (including Chuck) in the "act" format. They are the ones used currently in showtapes and YouTube videos. In 2016, new Helen, Munch, and Pasqually puppets were introduced. A new Jasper puppet was introduced in Updated Birthday Show 2 2016. The puppets talk and move in the same manner as the Muppet characters from Sesame Street.