Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 is a direct-to-video special. It was released October 5, 1999 in Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants and Toys R' Us stores.[1] The plot is that a boy named Charlie Rockit needs $50,000 dollars to fix his aunt and uncle's tractor engine, so Chuck E. Cheese and friends go to the Galaxy 5000 to win it in a race.[2]


Charlie Rockit's aunt and uncle are in danger of losing their farm because they need $50,000 to replace their tractor.

To raise the money, Chuck E. Cheese and his friends decide to enter the Galaxy 5000 race, on the planet Orion.


  • Peyton Welch, Daphne Gere - Chuck E. Cheese (costume)
  • Georgia Denney, Linda Coleman - Helen Henny (costume)
  • Micah Menikos, Shay Coldwell - Jasper T. Jowls (costume)
  • Chris Cason, Reny Fulton - Mr. Munch (costume)
  • Duncan Brannan - Chuck E. Cheese (voice)
  • Jeremy Blaido - Jasper T. Jowls (voice)
  • Chris Sabat - Mr. Munch (voice), Piano Player, Announcer, Narrator
  • Georgia Denney - Helen Henny (voice)
  • Steven Lange - Pasqually, Harry the Hermit
  • Galen Beyea - Charlie Rockit
  • Kenyon Holmes - Peter
  • Rob Flanagan - Ivan
  • Jackson Kane - Dr. Zoom
  • Lydia Mackay - Astrid
  • Don Shook - Flapjack
  • Johnathon Vought - Pizza Guy
  • Jon Rice, Chris Cason, Gary Frank, Mike Hawes - Reporters
  • Chris Nash, Jerry Patin, Josh Cosimo, Gen Fukunaga - Policemen
  • Candace Bordelon, Tim Conkey, Andrew DeLuma, Ron Cyphers, Josh Olkowski, Angie Guerrero, Terri Shaw, Alice Guidry, Samantha Sutherland, Jacquelyn Sutherland, Taylour Smith, Becky Taylor, Sonya Sui, Stevie Webb - Dancers
  • The Morris Brothers - Soda Shop Stage Dancers


  • "The Galaxy's For You and Me" - Duncan Brannan, Georgia Denney
  • "The Real Me" - Heather Garner
  • "Snowball's Chance in Texas" - Jeremy Blaido
  • "Zoom Gas" - Neil Bligh
  • "True Potential" - Michael McFarland
  • "I Know I Can" - Duncan Brannan, Jeremy Blaido , Chris Sabat, Georgia Denney, Michael McFarland
  • "We Did It" - Duncan Brannan, Georgia Denney, Jeremy Blaido, Chris Sabat
  • "A Little Help From Above" - Ashley Seekatz, Brett Cline


  • This is the first (and as of yet, only) Chuck E. Cheese film.
  • This is the only film where Georgia Denney plays not only the character but the voice of Helen Henny.
  • This is the only film to have Christopher Sabat as the voice of Mr. Munch who is later replaced by John Bowen and Chris Hill.
  • Unlike most productions featuring the walkaround character costumes, Pasqually is portrayed as an actual human.


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