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The Chuck E. Live Stage is the current stage produced for company-owned Chuck E. Cheese's locations. There are currently over 100 of these stages installed as part of the new "Pizzeria & Games" remodel.


The most noticeable attribute to this stage, is that it doesn't feature any animatronics. Instead, an employee in a mascot costume provides all performances.

Another feature that makes this format unique is that this stage is located in the center of the dining room instead of the back like all the other stages.

On the floor is a dance mat with flashing lights and a red frame where the walkaround Chuck E. Cheese performs during the live shows. Above is a fixture consisting of a sign stating "Chuck E. Live!" on the front and "Happy Birthday!!" on the back, six video monitors that play the videos, one "Circle of Light" on either side of the display as well as a digital LCD countdown clock on the front that counts down the time remaining for the next show. The color changing Chuck E. Cheese silhouettes from the Circles of Light stage are also on the walls on the sides and back of the dining area.

At the San Antonio, TX and Kansas City, MO prototype locations, the stage consisted of the six video monitors, but the clock and circles of light on the overhead were absent. The stage's overhang also consisted of gold stars stating "You're A Star" as well as "Chuck E. Live" on it. The dance floor had a purple frame and the back wall had color silhouettes of the characters as well as monitors on each panel. The layout of the area was also made much more colorful. Later versions of the stage removed the stars and included a more basic structure that is lighter on ceilings.

As of late 2021, stores recieving 2.0 have been getting a new version of the Live Stage. This new version does away with the six TVs above the dance pad and instead features one big TV built into the wall.

This stage was referred to as the "Party Zone" stage while in development.

Special Chuck E. Live Stages[]

  • Paducah, Kentucky has a 2018 Chuck E. Live Stage and has posters in the showroom that are unique to this location only. This location formerly housed a 3-Stage.
  • Plano, Texas was the first ever Chuck E. Live Stage. This location has been used to film various segments and live shows throughout the rockstar era. This location formerly housed a Studio C Alpha.
  • The Chuck E. Live Stage in The Bronx, (Exterior St) New York, is the only Chuck E. Live stage to ever replace a Circles of Light stage. This location has a 2016 Live Stage. This location formerly housed a Circles of Light with no animatronic.
  • The Chuck E. Live Stage in Kapolei, Hawaii is in front of a Circles of Light stage with an animatronic. This setup has also been used at an international location.
  • The Chuck E. Live Stage in Tampa, Florida is a finalized 2019 version, but has a unique TV arrangement compared to other locations, with one TV on each end, and two TVs in the middle on each side. This location formerly housed a 2-Stage.
  • The Chuck E. Live Stage in Brownsville, Texas has a 2019 finalized version, but has a unique TV setup compared to other locations. Instead of being in a circle like most locations with a 2019 version, Brownsville’s TV’s are setup with three on each side. This location formerly housed a Studio C Alpha/Beta Mix.
  • The Chuck E. Live Stage in Arlington Heights, Illnois was the second location to get the stage after relocating from the old location which housed a Studio C Alpha.
  • The Chuck E. Live Stage in Mobile, Alabama replaced their 3-stage in 2019.



Happy Dance at Arlington Heights, Illinois
Happy Dance (Spanish Version) at Plano, Texas
Chuck E. Cheese Says at Plano, Texas