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The Concept Unification Prototype stage is a stage format that was tested as a method of replacing The Rock-afire Explosion at 3-Stage locations with the Pizza Time Players, using a house theme for the stages. This stage was never installed in a ShowBiz Pizza Place restaurant.[1]

Rock-afire shows would ultimately be replaced, via Concept Unification, with Munch's Make Believe Band, which retained certain elements from The Rock-afire Explosion that the company considered desirable. These elements included Mitzi Mozzarella's appeal to young girls, Fatz Geronimo's strong center stage presence, and the "band" format.[1]


Stage Right

Stage Left, formerly Center Stage and Stage Left

Designed by Jul Kamen, the Concept Unification Prototype stage consolidated the three stages of The Rock-afire Explosion into two stages, consolidating center stage and stage left into a single stage. The stage was designed to appear like the interior of a house, which was similar to the "house" theme at existing Chuck E. Cheese stages such as the Rocker Stage and the C-Stage. Pasqually was on Stage Right, while Helen Henny, Chuck E. Cheese, and Jasper were on Stage Left. Mr. Munch was inside a red barrel next to Pasqually. Also, his position in the show was one of the most unique, in that five animatronics would allow him to travel around the two stages. [1] Stage Left also had a vase with the Singing Flowers in it.

Animatronic conversion[]

In this stage design, most of the characters were placed on different animatronics than would later be done for Munch's Make Believe Band.[1]

Rock-afire character CEC character
Looney Bird Mr. Munch
Billy Bob [Not Used]
Mitzi Mozzarella Chuck E. Cheese
Beach Bear Jasper T. Jowls
Fatz Geronimo Pasqually
Dook LaRue Helen Henny
Rolfe DeWolfe [Not used]
Earl Schmerle [Not Used]
Sun Mr. Munch
Moon Mr. Munch
Antioch Mr. Munch
Choo-Choo Mr. Munch