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Creepy Clown. Early 80's

The Creepy Clown animatronic was created by Aaron Fechter for a IAAPA convention in the early 80s where he greeted visitors. Not much is known about it's show tape he ran off of but he has about 6 movements. He is dressed in a bright colorful Clown outfit and wig. He sits in a booth that slightly resembles a carousel with 4 white bars and a colorful circular top on top of a large colorful wooden platform as the figure has no legs. The white bars and top of the booth still exist today but have been dismantled for storage. His scary appearance has resulted in his fame on the internet and he currently resides in the basement of Creative Engineering. It is currently unknown what he was originally supposed to sound like as his showtape contains no audio. As of now his original head mechanism is missing just like Lazlo the Great and is currently stuffed. Duke Larue's eyes have been placed inside his head. The black bird sitting on his platform was originally part of the Wizard of Oz show.


Creepy Clown present day

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Creepy Clown mask