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Hey, Big C! You said you was gonna make me a star today! Well, can I do my act now? Huh? Huh? Can I?

—Crusty, 1977

Crusty the Cat is a retired Chuck E. Cheese's character. He debuted with the rest of the Pizza Time Players in May 1977, at the first Pizza Time Theatre location in San Jose, California. He was nicknamed "The Cat's Meow" in singing and joke telling, and was Chuck E.'s right hand man.

The first Crusty animatronic had whiskers, black eyebrows, and taller ears. The animatronic was also fixed to a 2D backdrop, similar to the original Chuck E. Cheese animatronic. The animatronic was updated in 1978. The 2nd Gen Crusty had no whiskers, was given more realistic cat-like eyes and had shorter ears, as well being a 3D figure with a turnable head and the ability to move both arms.

He wears a baseball shirt donning the team "Swingers" and has the number 13 on his shirt. His 2nd Gen incarnation holds a red baseball bat in his right hand.


After appearing in the first two showtapes, Crusty was replaced by Mr. Munch in 1978, making him the first character to be retired. He was voiced by John Widelock, who also provided the voice for Chuck. Crusty was also voiced in the main showtapes by an unknown voice actor (or possibly two). He only appeared in the first PTT location.

Today the second generation Crusty the Cat animatronic is housed in a private collection by Travis Schafer, alongside 2nd Gen Chuck E. Cheese.