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The 3 Family Album Characters (Danvers, MA location)

Mr. Munch with one of the Family Album animatronics

Family Album was a rare unused Caberet Test band [1] that was temporally installed at 5 locations during Pizza Time Theatre's bankruptcy period due to a shortage of Balcony Stage animatronics. The show was available at select locations in Michigan, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The character's names were different at each location and were chosen through contests. The animatronics were made by Elnicky Enterprises, the same company responsible for the Hot Fudge animatronics that debuted around the same time.

Location Danvers


Warwick RI Clawson MI Warren MI Okemos MI
Girl Nadine

(Dee Dee)

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Boy (Leader) Randy Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Boy (Backup) Tommy-John (TJ) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

Clawson, MI Family Album stage