Chuck E

Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre Waving Flags

The Flag Wavers in action.

The Flag Wavers are a group of waving flags that appeared around the walls of Pizza Time Theatre showrooms. They waved to the music during an energetic chorus or grand finale.

List of FlagsEdit

1. United States [1977-CU, one of each location placed outside]

2. State [1977-CU, one of each location placed outside]

3. Chuck E. Cheese (White) [late 80s-CU]

4. Confederate [1977-late 80s]

5. Italian [1977-CU]

6. Chuck E. Cheese (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow) [late 80s-Cu]


• The San Antonio, Texas's 'Wazlem' location was the last location to keep their flags, even after it became a 2-Stage.

• The multicolored Chuck E. flags were made for locations that still had the Confederate flag, due to it being offensive to some people.

The Shelf, Rocker Stage, C-Stage and Balcony Stage were the only stages that had the flags.