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Hannah Banana animatronic at Creative Engineering Pre-Shipping.

Hannah Banana walkaround costume at the store in the 2007 promotional advert.

Hannah Banana was a restaurant located in the United Kingdom. Its mascot was a Welsh monkey named Hannah Banana. The restaurant also had Billy Bob and Looney Bird from The Rock-afire Explosion, which Jenn Waitt had to program special Showtapes to allow the characters to interact. Jenn also made the mask for the character. There were eighteen showtapes (some used, some not) produced for the restaurant[1]; they were:

  • Grandma's Feather Bed (Original Demo Show)
  • Grandma's Feather Bed (Alt Thursday Vocal)
  • Monkees / Beatles Show
  • Monkees Sampler Show
  • Happy Together Show
  • Buddy Holly Tribute
  • Daydream Believer
  • Queen / Abbey Road
  • Queen / Abbey Road (Scratch Take)
  • Sweet Tea / Country Bear
  • Sweet Tea / Country Bear (Scratch Take)
  • Birthday
  • Sals Birthday
  • Sals Birthday (Cue Demo)
  • Swingin' (Cue Demo)
  • Christmas Show Demo 1 (Beki)
  • Christmas Show Demo 2 (Samh)
  • A Little Bit Wrong / All My Loving / Baseball (unused)

Hannah Banana (character)[]

Hannah Banana Walkaround Costume At Stagecraft Inc.

Hannah's Tail Mech


Hannah Banana is the mascot for the Hannah Banana restaurant located in the United Kingdom. She is a monkey who speaks with a Welsh accent. Her animatronic is a retrofitted Mitzi Mozzarella with custom ear and tail mechs, with the tail being connected to the body turns via a hinge mechanism. The restaurant also had a walk-around version of Hannah and Billy produced by Stagecraft Inc. Pictures are available on their website.

The company J H Entertainment is said to have produced this FEC, however the company have declined and no longer exist. Videos of this show are available to be viewed on RetroPizzaFan's channel which were taken from old youtube diaries Aaron Fechter posted in 2007 (now deleted).