Hannah Banana

Hannah Banana animatronic

Hannah Banana was a restaurant located in the United Kingdom. Its mascot is a Welsh monkey named Hannah Banana. The restaurant also had Billy Bob and Looney Bird from The Rock-afire Explosion, which Aaron Fechter had to program special Showtapes to allow the characters to interact. There were seven showtapes produced for the restaurant[1], they were:

  • Grandma's Feather Bed (Original Demo Show)
  • Monkees / Beatles Show
  • Happy Together Show
  • Buddy Holly Tribute
  • Daydream Believer
  • Queen / Abbey Road
  • Sweet Tea / Country Bear

Hannah Banana (character)Edit

Hannah Banana is the mascot for the Hannah Banana restaurant located in the United Kingdom. She is a monkey who speaks with a Welsh accent. Her animatronic is a retrofitted Mitzi Mozzarella. The restaurant also had a walk-around version of Hannah.