Not to be confused with the The Hard Luck Bears.

The Hard Luck Bears Jamboree are three surviving and modified Rock-afire Explosion bands that are operating at all three Gulliver's theme parks in the United Kingdom.


All three of these modified Rock-afire Explosions operated at Gulliver's Kingdom, Gulliver's Land, and Gulliver's World amusement parks. Mitzi, Fatz, Dook, and Rolfe had their cosmetics and faces modified to resemble bears. Billy Bob, Looney Bird, Beach Bear, Choo-Choo, Earl, the Sun, and the Moon remained unchanged. The characters' voices also sound very different than their normal counterparts. Billy Bob is voiced by Roger Dunn, who also voices the park's mascot, Gully Mouse. As of 2017, none of the shows are running, and the signs have been removed.