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Whether you find one in a church, a field, a prairie or a pizza parlor, a rat is still a rat. Bye bye!

—Harmony Howlette, Harmony II: Harmony's Hoedown, 1982

Harmony Howlette is a female guest character who was formerly installed at Pizza Time Theatre restaurants from 1981 to 1982. Known as "the cowgirl who gathers more posse than Jesse James", her shows centered around country and Western music.

History and Info[]

Harmony Howlette is a tomboyish cowgirl coyote from western Texas, where she grew up with her three brothers. She traveled around the country prior to joining the Pizza Time Players. She first appeared in May of 1981 in the "Harmony Howlette's Wild West Show" Showtape. She then stayed with the show through to 1982, when she appeared once more for her second and last showtape called "Harmony's Hoedown". She was the fifth and final new Guest Star to be introduced in the PTT’s lifetime.

Harmony would often flirt with the men of the show, winning them over (save for Chuck) with her singing and Western charm. She would mostly flirt with Jasper, who had a huge crush on her, often breaking out in fits of "lovesick bugling" whenever she was around. With her confident and assertive personality, she also became known for being one of the few guest stars that wouldn't hesitate to stand up to Chuck E.'s insults, which led to the two of them having some of the most unique and feisty exchanges of any two characters in the show. These exchanges came to a head in Harmony’s second showtape, when Harmony challenged Chuck to go an entire show segment without insulting her (which he failed to do, citing that he "tried his best"), then threatened to leave the show if Chuck didn't apologize to her for all the insults he’d dealt her. Harmony also had a trademark howl, which often erupted when she got excited, much to Chuck's chagrin. This was similar to Helen's clucking and Madame Oink's snorts.

By late 1982, Harmony had been rotated out of all PTTs, and was never seen in the spotlight again. However, due to her popularity, she was featured on much of the promotional merchandise from 1981-82 including coloring books, calendars, and other selected items. Her last known appearance was in 1988 on the "Indiana Jowls" parody poster[1].

In the song "Remember That Time"[2], her animatronic is seen in a vintage photo of a Balcony Stage. Harmony also appeared in the artwork in the video for Every Boy Every Girl 2017, alongside a few other Pizza Time Theatre characters, such as The King, Dolli Dimples, etc.