Jasper T. Jowls is the lead guitarist in Munch's Make Believe Band at Chuck E. Cheese's. The "T." in his name stands for Tennessee. Jasper is named after Jasper, Tennessee .


Jasper is commonly portrayed as a rather goofy redneck dog. In the days of the Pizza Time Theatre, he would uncontrollably laugh at almost any joke, much to the major annoyance of Chuck, who would often yell "TURN OFF THE FRUITCAKE DOG!", which would cause the backstage technicians to supposedly turn off Jasper, which would stop his laughter and calm him down. Pizza Time Theatre Jasper was also known for becoming infatuated with most of the Guest Stars, with his most notable crush being Harmony Howlette, possibly due to the physical similarities between dogs and coyotes. As the years went by, Jasper's personality became calmer and more laid-back, and his wit became much sharper, especially when having conversations with the other members of Munch's Make Believe Band.


Jasper originally appeared at the original Pizza Time Theatre location in 1977. In the beginning, Jasper was voiced by Scott Paulin, who portrayed him as a goofy-sounding redneck. He was often shown to annoy the other characters. Beach Bear's animatronic from ShowBiz Pizza Place, was retrofitted into Jasper during Concept Unification in 1989.


  • There was one location in Guatemala City with Jasper and Pasqually animatronics that still retained their latex masks, which were covered with cracks over time. The Jasper animatronic's left hand had a hole in it. The restaurant closed in 2016, and the animatronics were put on display at the new location, with a Pasqually walkaround head on his mask. It is unknown if his latex mask remains under the head.



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