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Madame Oink is a retired guest star character, that was formerly installed at Pizza Time Theatre restaurants. She spoke with a French accent, and would often snort whenever someone told a joke. She was retired in 1983 after the bankruptcy of Pizza Time Theatre to make way for Helen Henny. She was the last Pizza Time Theatre guest star before Helen Henny permanently took over.


She debuted in February 1978 as a portrait show character. She was the second guest to be introduced, following Helen Henny in August 1977. She is the only confirmed guest star to appear with Crusty. She has appeared in four different showtapes ranging from 1978 to 1983, the most out of any Guest Star in PTT's history.

Madame Oink later made a cameo in 2018 in the animated short, “Halloween at the Pizza Time Theatre”, alongside The King and Dolli Dimples.



Her Portrait animatronic bears a very strong resemblance to Miss Piggy from The Muppets.