Peter Piper Pizza is an Arizona based chain that currently operates in the Southwestern United States as well as Florida and Mexico. Most locations have a large dining area with an arcade. Some locations also include other amusements like carousels and other rides. There are currently 139 locations.

Peter Piper Pizza was founded in 1973 by Anthony M. "Tony" Cavolo. The first location opened in Glendale, Arizona and is still open today as a flagship location.

The establishment was initially just a pizza chain but they started adding arcades in the 1980s to attract more people.

The company was acquired in 1992 by the Venture West Group.

In 1995, they merged with a competing chain called Pistol Pete's Pizza. All Pistol Pete's locations were rebranded to Peter Piper's likeness in the year 2000. The company was then sold off to ACON Investments in 2007 and was bought again by CEC Entertainment in October 2014.