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R.O.S.E. (Standing for Rockin' Onboard Systems Environment.) is a screen character at Chuck E. Cheese's from the August 1995 show "Destination Imagination", and served as the band's assistant, much like Mr. Mouth from the January and the April 1995 shows. R.O.S.E. was allegedly designed around the time Chuck invented his traveling machine, and helped run the shows, the gameroom and the videos.


R.O.S.E. is represented as a graphic of a heart with "R.O.S.E." stamped on it. The background for the heart is a gray frame, similar to Mr. Mouth's, and within the frame was a swirling water-like background that was often blue. 

After her run in August of 1995, R.O.S.E. appeared in several other shows including January of 1996 (Chuck E.'s Tall Tales) and April of 1996 (The Chuck E. Cheese Totally Awesome Kids Show). In these appearances, she only had speaking roles and was not actually shown.

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