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Rock-afire Bar was a bar and arcade located in Kansas City, Missouri that opened in May of 2018. This location was the latest new location with a near complete Rock-afire Explosion band.

The band featured at this location had some major modifications to it. First off, the show was on one single stage similar to the CU 1-Stage. There were no curtains either. The show mainly used performances programmed by Chris Thrash originally used for the long defunct ShowBiz Pizza Zone though other original showtapes were used as well.

The characters on the stage at this location were from left to right Rolfe and Earl (on top of a pedestal), Dook, Fatz, Beach Bear, Mitzi, and Billy Bob. Sun, Moon, Choo-Choo, Antioch, and Looney Bird were absent from this setup. The "Used and Abused Tars" prop from the Mini-Stage was used instead of Smitty's Service Station for Billy Bob's backdrop.

In October of 2018, the backdrop behind the show was painted to resemble the background of the original Rock-afire Explosion setup with the missing characters included in the background.

Rock-Afire permanently closed in February of 2019.


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