The ShowBiz Pizza Campground stage was used at some ShowBiz Pizza Place locations from the late 1980s until Concept Unification. It was a simple stage retrofit for the original Smitty's Super Service Station backdrops on stage left. This was done to make The Rock-afire Explosion shows at Showbiz more unique (as compared to the shows in other restaurants at the time).


The stage conversion was a relatively simple one. The Smitty's Super Service Station backdrop was removed, and the trees from center stage were relocated behind Billy Bob, giving this stage the appearance of a campground. This made the center stage look more empty. The campfire was left on the stage, but the wire tubing was removed. Additionally, Looney Bird's oil barrel was repainted green, giving it a more "natural" appearance. The only new prop was the signpost which used the updated "ShowBiz Pizza" logo. It had a vine wrapped around it, an additional red hankercheif as well as a lantern topping it.

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