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The Singing Flowers were seven animatronic characters installed on the Rocker Stage, C-Stage, Concept Unification Prototype, and 3-Stage to replace The Warblettes during the mid 1980s at Pizza Time Theatre. They were also featured on the Star Stage at Chuck E. Cheese's. There was also a version of Singing Flowers for ShowBiz Pizza Place for the Mini-Stage for The Rock-afire Explosion. The Rock-afire Explosion versions were alstroemeria flowers with painted on eyes.

The flowers had animatronic mouths, which allowed them to sing backup vocals, and they used the same mouth programing controls as The Warblettes.


The Singing Flowers debuted on the Rocker Stage at the Arlington, Texas location in 1987. They were also used on all C-Stages built between 1989 and late 1990. The Dept. 18 Road Stage (later a 1-Stage) used the flowers for six years before they and the rest of the Cyberamics were thrown out in 1997, making way for a Studio C Alpha in its place. Meanwhile, the flowers on the remaining Rocker and C-Stages were discontinued in 2001 due to them no longer being programmed for newer shows; therefore, they were removed prior to that year.

The Singing Flowers were also used in the Concept Unification Prototype, as it tried to replicate the style of a Rocker and C-Stage but in a different setup. Since the prototype was scrapped, the Singing Flowers were removed from the stage and were repositioned in the SPT programming room.

In 1989, the Singing Flowers were used in the new Concept Unification 3-Stage in both Dept. 18 and the now closed Arlington (Justiss Rd.), Texas location, but they were downgraded to simple props. They were the only animatronics onstage that were not used by the Classic Rock-afire Explosion. However, this addition did not expand to any other 3-Stage, and Dept. 18 would throw out theirs in the late 90's.

In 2010, the Singing Flowers were introduced on the Star Stage, a test stage used at the Chuck E. Cheese location on Montfort Drive in Dallas, Texas. However, in early 2012, the stage was removed and replaced with a Circles of Light stage, leading to the Singing Flowers to be discontinued for the second time in history.[1] This stage has since been disassembled and put in storage.