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Steve Waters

Steve Waters is a character at Chuck E. Cheese's. He is Pasqually's vocal coach. He is also in the birthday show, and plays a role in The Chuck E. Cheese's Skate Universe and Party Galaxy apps. Steve Waters' first appearance was in the April 2012 show, and he has appeared less frequently since 2017. He is the second human in the band.

Waters speaks with a stereotypical surfer's voice, and has a large admiration for ferrets.

Waters' catchphrase is an elongated yelling of the word "BLUE!"


Show Song
September 2012 Larry Go To The Store
April 2013 Granny's Rockin Chair
September 2013 Eye of The Tiger
January 2014 Rock 'N' Roll All Night
Summer 2014 Happy to be Seeing You
August 2015 It's a Date
September 2017 If Everyone were Chuck E.
September 2019 Cat Sitting