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Studio C is a stage setup commonly found in modern Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants.


After the Awesome Adventure Machine stage concept was deemed too delicate and expensive, it became scaled down to another single-character concept called Studio C.

Built by animatronics developer Garner Holt, Studio C was first unveiled in late 1997. This setup began the concept that Chuck E. Cheese could be placed on one stage by himself, and still be entertaining. The plan originally was to phase out the other characters, though Jeremy Blaido, future Director of Ent. later stopped this proposal. Chuck E. was placed behind a light-up panel desk with a Jay Leno-esque late night backdrop, with such props including a "Pizza Time" clock, a pizza phone, and a green apple television.

Serving as Chuck E.'s sidekick, his parrot, Bird, sat high on a perch at stage left. When the other characters were reintroduced into the concept, they were originally featured as the costumed characters and the Cyberamic Road Stage animatronics on the monitors. Beginning in 1999, the characters were presented in the puppet forms and the Plastic 3-Stage Animatronic forms for a short time from mid to late 2009. Currently, the blue screen is being removed on as many Studio C stages as possible, as the concept is no longer being made or wanted (and money is being saved as well).