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Studio C Beta (formally known as Studio C 2000 by corporate) is a stage type at Chuck E. Cheese's. It was first introduced in 2000 under the name "Studio C 2000”. Currently, 129 Studio C Beta stages remain in operation.

Differences between Alpha and Beta[]

  • The cityscape background is absent.
  • The Bird is absent.
  • The distance between the "Applause" and "On the Air" signs has been reduced.
  • The desk around the Chuck E. is absent.
  • The green, apple shaped television is absent.


  • Before Beta, it was rumored that there was going to be a five character Studio C.
  • When the "Beta stage" first premiered, it was rumored that the 32 movement Chuck E. Cheese animatronic would be replaced with a cheaper 16 movement version. Brian Hagen later confirmed this rumor, and new locations with the Beta stages now receive 16 movement animatronics. Thus, making the Studio C Beta the first Stage to Feature 16-movement animatronics.
    • In Addition, this is the last Studio C stage to feature 32 Movement animatronics.
    • The first 16 movement Studio C Beta was installed at Cambridge, ON in 2003.
  • Some locations have one TV in the center instead of three.
  • This stage is currently the last type of stage to feature blue-screens with cameras, as most of the betas in Chile, Gutaemala, and Middle East still have them.
  • The final Studio C Betas that were produced had a smaller center console that was also seen on the Studio C Cappas. The blue screen was also absent due to the ticket blaster being in every location by 2012.
  • As of November 2019, this is the most common stage.

Special Studio C Betas[]

  • The Studio C Beta in Guatemala City, (Zona 7) Guatemala has a plain background instead of the normal black background, and is the last location in Central America to feature a blue screen and camera. Chuck E. also has the Cool Chuck cap and outfit.
  • The Studio C Betas in Oceanside, California, Green Bay, Wisconsin, and Birmingham, Alabama were the first locations to receive the stage, in 2000. Birmingham removed their Beta in 2016 for a Dance Floor. Birmingham got the Beta first, then Green Bay, and finally Oceanside.
  • The Studio C Beta in Bloomington, Illinois was the only Beta with one TV in the state and was the second to last 32 movement Beta in the state. This location removed their stage for 2.0 in 2019.
  • The Studio C Beta in Villa Park, Illinois has no curtains and is the last 32 movement Beta in the state.
  • The Studio C Beta in Joilet, Illinois was the last Studio C Beta in state with the Studio C Carpet. Their Chuck E. Cheese animatronic had loose body turns, which means Chuck used to side bend when he did a body turn, although he had 16 movements. This location removed their stage for 2.0 in 2019 and the stage is now at Darien, Illinois.
  • The Studio C Beta in Vernon Hills, Illinois was the last Phase 3 in the state. This location got 2.0 in 2019 and closed in 2020.
  • The Studio C Beta in Darien, Illinois used to be a 3-Stage, and has the old stage base and valence. Chuck E. is on center stage along with the backdrop and sides of the TVs. The fiber optic curtain from the 3-Stage was kept as well. Curtains were added to former stage left and right upon completion. The Beta came from the Joliet store, which got 2.0 in 2019. This stage is also referred as "Studio C Darien.", "Studio 3", and "Beta 16M 3-Stage".
  • The Studio C Beta in Walker, MI opened in Sept 2002, replacing a 3-Stage
  • The Studio C Beta in Las Vegas, Nevada (Serene) had a Chuck E. animatronic with gray eyes instead of blue eyes, and this particular Chuck didn't appear to have any body turns. This location got 2.0 in late 2018.
  • The Studio C Beta in Chicago "Kedzie", Illinois replaced a 3-Stage in November 2020, like Darien. It only features the backdrop and animatronic, along with the old buildings. The Beta stuff came from the Beta Cappa mix in Lafayette, Indiana, which closed in October.
  • Before its closure in 2013, the Beta in Meriden, Connecticut had one TV and had working curtains until 2011. Its animatronic is currently in the Port Orange Florida location.
  • The Beta in Hempstead, New York has no curtains and is the last 32 movement Beta in New York.
  • The Studio C Beta in Lexington, Kentucky was the only one in state, and replaced a 3-Stage in 2006. This location has since been remodeled to 2.0.
  • The Studio C Beta in Antioch, Tennessee only has one TV. This location used to house a 3-Stage until 2001. Antioch’s Beta is also the only one in state to have one TV.
  • The Studio C Beta in Danbury, Connecticut was in a severe state of disrepair by 2012, just two years after it opened. This location closed a year later in 2013.
  • The Beta in Albuquerque, New Mexico has a unique Studio C sign in the blue screen area.
  • The Studio C Beta in Redding, California still has Chuck E.’s red hat.
  • The Studio C Beta in Cordova, TN is missing tubes on the background of the stage, and features walkaround Rockstar shoes on the animatronic.
  • The Studio C Beta in Clearwater, Florida replaced a Road Stage in 2000. This location had a CEC Hollywood blue screen, which was unique to this location. It has since been removed.
  • The Beta in Viña Del Mar, Chile, has a full Cool Chuck Outfit, including the cap. Their Tech Room is in between the three Monitors and the blue screen, making their beta unique.
  • Before its closure in November 2020, the Studio C Beta in Tamuning, Guam didn't have an animatronic, as it was removed in 2019.
  • The Studio C Beta in San Agustín, Mexico lacks an animatronic. The left and right stages have been replaced with the 2.0 posters of Pasqually and Chuck E.
  • The Studio C Beta in Patchogue, New York is on the left when you enter and has no blue screen.
  • The Studio C Betas in Harlem, New York, Brooklyn, New York and Bronx (Gun Hill), New York have railings that are on Circles of Lights stages with animatronics. Harlem closed in 2020.
  • Before its closure in 2020, the Studio C Beta in Lima, Ohio was the last Beta in the U.S. to feature a blue screen. They also had the Chuck E. from the Downingtown, Pennsylvania location, which closed on July 15th, 2018.
  • The Studio C Beta in Alpharetta, Georgia is in a state of disrepair, with Chuck E. having broken eyes.
  • The Studio C Beta in Orange, Connecticut is the last one in the state and has the Studio C sign above the three TVs.
  • The Studio C Beta in Laguna Hills, California has red toes.
  • The Studio C Beta in Greece, New York had the full rockstar outfit. This location got 2.0 in 2018 and the animatronic was sent to Leominster, Massachusetts. Leominster closed in 2020.
  • The Studio C Beta at Riyadh (Olaya), Saudi Arabia removed the animatronic in January 2021. But in April of 2021 the animatronic was reinstalled.
  • Before its closure on December 16th, 2012, the Studio C Beta in South Portland, Maine was the only Studio C and location in the state.
  • The Studio C Beta in Hampton, Virginia, is the last 32 movement Beta in the state.
  • The Studio C Beta in Gastonia, North Carolina has the full Rockstar outfit, including the shoes.
  • The Studio C Beta in San Antonio (Bandera), Texas is the only Studio C Beta to have a helicopter light and is the last San Antonio location to still have an animatronic.
  • The Studio C Beta in Warren, OH would be the first 32m beta to be installed in a brand new location (previous betas would replace existing stages). This would also make Warren the 7th beta to be built.