Studio C Cappa is a Studio C stage that was introduced in 2003, and was installed in smaller Chuck E. Cheese locations. It is a downsized and cheaper version of "Studio C Beta".

Studio C Cappa

The original version of the Cappa had a mirror background behind Chuck. This version of the Cappa would only be produced in Summer 2003 and was known to be installed in six locations.

The final Studio C Cappa store to open was Johnson City, TN in March 2005. After that, the Cappa's production would be replaced with the Beta Cappa Mix for good until production ceased in Late 2006.

About The StageEdit

This stage features three TV screens and underneath them is a small Chuck E. Cheese sign. Below that is a wide blue screen. The stage has the cheaper 16-movement Chuck E. Cheese animatronic. There are no curtains, as curtains were discontinued at around this point in time. There are very few lights, and most locations with this stage have Chuck E. Cheese wearing a red hat, a blue shirt with a yellow C, and gray khaki pants.

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