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The Four Little Shavers are a barbershop quartet that were located in the Cabaret dining area at Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre.

History and InfoEdit

The Four Little Shavers were exclusively used for the "Ice Cream Emporiums", which were Ice Cream Parlors that were tested at select locations.

They would sing songs from the Buffalo Bills and other barbershop quartets using the original recordings.

The four members from left to right are named Nolan, O'Nolan, Curly, and McNolan. The naming system was most likely a homage to Pizza Time Theatre's founder Nolan Bushnell.

Their animatronics were typical of the early multi-character Pizza Time Theatre shows and had very few movements. They were retrofitted from the early Beagles animatronics, and each character could move their heads, bodies, and mouths. Curly had the most movements, as he could move and raise his arms. Like the original versions of The Beagles, The Four Little Shavers were designed and produced by Harold Goldbrandsen and the Fantasy Forest Manufacturing wing of Pizza Time Theatre. The background set was designed by animator Randy Nelson.

The Four Little Shavers made their first appearance in August 1981 at The Ice Cream Emporium of the Tampa Carrollwood Villages Pizza Time Theatre in Florida. Soon after, they were also placed in the Brandon, Florida and San Antonio, Texas Ice Cream Emporiums as well.

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