Not to be confused with the Hard Luck Bears Jamboree.

Hard Luck Bears

The Hard Luck Bears was a predecessor show to The Rock-afire Explosion that was created in 1979. It was a successor to the Bear Country Jubilee, and features what would inspire the 3-Stage.

As of 2017, the last show is still operating at Fantasilandia, Chile.


  • Billy Wilbur - A bear who played the guitar and later became the Rock-afire's Billy Bob.
  • Billy Bill - A bear who played the piano.
  • Billy Boy - A bear who played the drums.
  • Billy Bob - A bear who played the bass.
  • Choo-Choo - A baby bear who bounced to the music in a wash basket.
  • Pete and Repeat Thornsberry - Two brother bears that worked at Smitty's Super Service Station on Stage Right.
  • Mama Granbags - The mother of Billy Wilbur, Billy Bill, Billy Boy and Billy Bob. She is located on Stage Left.
  • Gooney Bird - A bird hiding in a oil barrel who would later become the Rock-afire's Looney Bird. He was located on Stage Left.