The King was a 9 foot tall animatronic lion dressed in a style resembling Elvis Presley that was at Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre. The King wore a white jumpsuit with silver lining and held a red guitar. The character was designed as an Elvis impersonator who was programmed to sing Elvis Presley songs, most of which were the original recordings. He often made dedications of songs to members of the Pizza Time Players in the main dining area. The outro of each skit would tell the audience to "visit the main dining area", "take a walk through the Fantasy Forest", or "enjoy some pizza". Even after the end of Pizza Time Theatre, some restaurants had the King until 1995, where he would sing original CEC songs.


  • When he sings his left foot taps along with the beat of the music.
  • He is the first lion character before King Kat.
  • A King Kat exists (under the name of "Elvis") and is installed at Jungle Jim's Grocery Store in Fairfield, Ohio. However, it seems to be in poor condition. The king can be seen in left corner in the back of the dining area in the showroom

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