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The MoonRockers was a retrofitted version of The Rock-afire Explosion that was created by Aaron Fechter in 1985 after the merger of ShowBiz Pizza Place and Pizza Time Theatre. The characters were designed by Dave Thomas, and the introduction song "We're The MoonRockers", as well as the other song on the show were written by Burt Wilson. Burt also named all the charachters, and according to him, had to "go through scientific magazines and papers" to come up with the names.

The band members were modified from the Center Stage Rock-afire characters, which were Dook, Fatz, Choo-Choo, Antioch, Beach Bear, and Mitzi. All six of these characters' cosmetics were modified to become aliens, and were made as a change-out package for a center or three stage Rock-Afire, and could be changed from one to the other in 20 minutes. The band was also intended to play on MTV alongside a live singer (the song was designed to sound like lyrics were missing so the accompanying live singer could fill in the lyrics). Shalisa Sloan, the voice of Mitzi, performed with the show at the 1985 IAAPA in Atlanta, wearing a special space-themed outfit.

The names of the two remaining mystery characters were recently revealed by Andrea Nieves, a friend of Aaron Fechter’s, which are the alien in a crater that is a modified Choo-Choo animatronic named “Rock Baby”, and the floating eye with wings that is a modified Antioch animatronic named “Moon Bat”. Recently, new official names have been created by the new MoonRockers voice actors and approved by Aaron Fechter. Princess Hayley, is also named after Burt Wilson's daughter, Hayley. Today, the MoonRockers sit at Creative Engineering in Florida awaiting a future restoration.


CEI The Moonrockers

The Characters[]

Princess Hayley - Uses Mitzi's mechanism and was voiced by BJ.

Quasar - Plays the lazar guitar and uses Beach Bear's mechanism and was voiced by Max, the Spanish speaking employee of Creative Engineering.

Admiral Orc - Plays the keyboard and uses Fatz's mechanism and was voiced by Burt Wilson, also known as Sal.

Ozone - Plays the holo-drums and uses Dook's mechanism and was voiced by Duke Chapetta.

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Molgama (Rock Baby) - Pops out of a crater and uses Choo-Choo’s mechanism.

Sismis (Moon Bat) - Drops from above stage and uses Antioch’s mechanism.

Current State[]

As of 2021, The Moonrockers are decaying in Creative Engineering, their backdrop torn in half and the colors fading. All hope is not lost, however, because the original molds have recently been found, and the Moonrockers have been getting brought back into the media with the Official Ultimate Moonrockers Tribute video posted by Aaron Fechter and created by TJ the DJ and The Constellations and Galactistar Studios. TJ and The Constellations are trying to bring the MoonRockers back to the attention of the Rock-Afire Community. This movement is approved by Aaron Fechter as they expand the MoonRockers as whole. The full movement is done by a band of three done by TJ the DJ (Ozone and Orc), Snes!Quick! (Princess Hayley), and Trainman Andy (Quazar), The full tape has also been recovered, although it has not yet been played. Only time can tell for the future of the MoonRockers and their upbringing.

Prototype Designs[]

The Promotional Swap-Out Image seen on the right features the characters' prototype designs, including some major and minor differences. These include: Ozone's holo-drums having an extra set of height, different placement of Hayley and Quazar (which was changed after the song was mixed, leaving the characters' final positions wrong in the stereo mix), Orc originally had black wrist pieces, Hayley had pink ears, Quazar had a unibrow and different chains on his chest, Orc's organ originally also had two smoke stacks on the side, made of a translucent plastic.