The Moonrockers

The Moonrockers was a retrofitted version of The Rock-afire Explosion that was created by Aaron Fechter in 1985 after the merger of ShowBiz Pizza Place and Pizza Time Theatre.

The band members were modified from the Center Stage Rock-afire characters, which were Dook, Fatz, Choo-Choo, Antioch, Beach Bear, and Mitzi. All six of these characters cosmetics were modified to become aliens.

Out of all the aliens in the band, two are not named, which are the alien in a crater that is a modified Choo-Choo animatronic, and the floating eye with wings that is a modified Antioch animatronic. Today the Moonrockers sit at Creative Engineering in Florida.

CEI The Moonrockers

CEI The Moonrockers

The CharactersEdit

Princess Haley - Uses Mitzi's mechanism.

Quasar - Plays the laser guitar and uses Beach Bear's mechanism.

Orc - Plays the keyboard and uses Fatz's mechanism.

Ozone - Plays the drums and uses Dook's mechanism.