The New Rock-afire Explosion is an animatronic stage show produced by Creative Engineering between 1992 and 1996.

New and improved


Aaron Fechter, CEI's president, had been creating new stage shows with Mijjins, and decided to revise the Classic Rock-afire Explosion using this technology. Construction began around 1992 and finished in 1996.


This setup still had three stages like its predecessor, but now the stages could revolve around, allowing different characters on either side. The curtains on this stage rose up in Austrian-style to give it a more regal appearance.

Stage RightEdit

Stage Right contained two sides. The first side had Beach Bear standing in front of a building. This set had a surfboard and a palm tree, with an animated coconut that would occasionally hit Beach Bear on the head. There was also a small window with a sliding door that would reveal Looney Bird. The other side contained Looney Bird again in his lab, seated at his desk. Behind Looney Bird was a cabinet as well as several gadgets and charts. On his desk was a computer covered in yellow feathers that could rotate.

Center StageEdit

Center Stage contained Billy Bob, Mitzi Mozzarella and Fatz Geronimo on turntables, in turn on a large turntable. This patented technology, dubbed "Danceatronics" allowed the characters to revolve around the stage, as well as each other. Unlike the side stages, this stage did not revolve around. Behind them were animated speakers, and a neon "The Rock-afire Explosion" sign, as well as decorations that varied by location.

Stage LeftEdit

Stage Left also contained two sides. The first side had Dook LaRue in his junkyard. This set contained a pink doghouse with a light-up window, and a mural depicting the piles of "junk" in the distance. The other side contained a large pink TV set with animated fuzzy pink "rabbit ears" used for the antenna. The wallpaper behind this TV set was laced with pink bunny prints.