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Composite image of the clues that Rolfe gave during the show: big ears, long nose, red derby hat, red vest, bow tie, and big teeth. Apart from the vest and bow tie, none of these elements were shown on screen together during the show.

The Rolfe and Earle Show[1] is a show featuring The Rock-afire Explosion that ran at ShowBiz Pizza Place restaurants. Unlike most showtapes, this showtape did not run at the same time in all locations. This show was part of the materials sent for Concept Unification, a process where The Rock-afire Explosion was replaced with Munch's Make Believe Band between 1990 and 1992.[2] The show only used stage right and ran for approximately one week, while center stage and stage left were being converted.[1] Stage right would be converted on the final night of the Concept Unification installation.[3] This show was followed by the Concept Unification Premiere showtape, which introduced Munch's Make Believe Band.[4]

This was the final Rock-afire show produced for ShowBiz Pizza Place. Rolfe was voiced by Joe Conti and Earl was voiced by an unknown Showbiz Voice Actor, as Creative Engineering had no involvement with the production of the show.[2]

The show itself involved Earl trying to guess where the Rock-afire characters went, and what the new show would be. Rolfe knew what was going on, and, over the course of the show's first three segments, gave Earl hints about what was coming: big ears, long nose, a red derby hat, a red vest, a bow tie, and big teeth.[5][6][7] In the show's final segment, Earl initially guesses that a birthday party for Mister Ed is happening behind the curtains, but figures out by the end of the show that Chuck E. Cheese is what is coming.[8] In between skits with Rolfe and Earl, footage of the other Rock-afire characters' performances from past shows were displayed on the video monitors.[5][6][7][8]

There was also a birthday show included in this showtape. For this, Rolfe and Earl were programmed to perform the Birthday Extravaganza song normally performed by the Pizza Time Players.[2]

Show segments[]

  • Segment 1
    • Footage from the "From Bach to Rock" show[5]
  • Segment 2
    • Footage from the "The Tune Machine" show[6]
    • Footage from the "Oldies Medley" show[6]
  • Segment 3
    • Footage from the "Summertime" show[7]
    • Footage from the "Michael Jackson Tribute" show[7]
    • Footage from the first segment of the "Kids Show" show[7]
  • Segment 4
    • Footage from the second segment of the "Kids Show" show[8]
    • Footage from the "Faith Show" show[8]
    • Footage from the "Dreams" show[8]


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