Wolf Pack 5

The Wolf Pack 5

The Wolf Pack 5 is an animatronic stage show produced by Creative Engineering in 1978. The Wolf Pack 5, along with The Hard Luck Bears, is a predecessor show to The Rock-afire Explosion.


The Wolf Pack 5 was inspired by a live performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that Aaron Fechter watched in London. The first show was installed at the 1978 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions convention in Atlanta, Georgia.[1]

The show was installed at A Man and His World in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, King's Dominion in Virginia, as well as in Japan, Buenos Aires, and a traveling show in Europe. The first ShowBiz Pizza Place in Kansas City, Missouri also utilized this show.



The Wolf Pack 5 has two stages. The Wolfman with his microphone was on stage right, while the remaining four members of the band were on stage left.


When the Wolf Pack 5 was installed at the first ShowBiz Pizza Place restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri in 1980, at the request of ShowBiz, Queenie the Fox was changed into a mouse and was renamed Mini Mozzarella. Later on, her name was changed from Mini to Mitzi, who was used in The Rock-afire Explosion.

Influence on future stage showsEdit

The Wolf Pack 5 was the genesis of what would later become center stage and stage right of The Rock-afire Explosion. The Wolfman later became Rolfe DeWolfe, Fats Gorilla later became Fatz Geronimo, Dingo Starr would become Dook LaRue, Beach Bear of the Wolf Pack 5 would become Beach Bear in The Rock-afire Explosion, and Mini Mozzarella would become Mitzi Mozzarella.


The Wolfpack 5 is currently being restored by Aaron Fechter and was originally supposed to go to Funtown mountain. Due to some complications with the owner, Aaron is keeping them until a customer wants them.


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