The Ticket Blaster is a feature added at Chuck E. Cheese's restaurants in 2010. The Ticket Blaster is a cylinder-shaped booth in the show room, used during birthday parties.

In operating the Ticket Blaster, the birthday child first enters the Ticket Blaster, and dons safety goggles. Air jets blow air through holes in the floor of the booth, which is covered with tickets. The tickets are blown around throughout the enclosure. The birthday child has 30 seconds to collect as many tickets as they can.

Besides the classic ticket, there are also colored tickets, exclusive to the Ticket Blaster. These tickets represent larger amounts of tickets: 50 (large sized red), 100 (medium sized yellow), and 200 (small sized purple). There is also a Magic Ticket worth 1000 Tickets.

In practice, the machine is similar to money blower machines found at casinos and events, only with tickets instead of money.

In most CEC restaurants, Duncan Brannan's voice is heard in the booth during the demo, while the birthday child grabs the tickets after the party and on the online version.

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