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Uncle Klunk is a guest character in The Rock-afire Explosion. At locations where he was installed, Klunk replaced Rolfe DeWolfe and Earl Schmerle on stage right.




The animatronic used for Uncle Klunk is capable of 32 different movements.[1]

Voice actors[]

Uncle Klunk was voiced by three different people during his run at ShowBiz. The initial Klunk shows were voiced by Jeff Howell. Later Klunk shows were voiced by a different, unidentified, individual, with a voice reminiscent of Disney's Goofy. Klunk was voiced by Shawn Fernandez in the "Country Klunk" showtape.[2]

After Retirement[]

Following the merger between Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre and ShowBiz Pizza Place in 1985, the newly formed company, ShowBiz Pizza Time, began working on their own entertainment projects without the help of Creative Engineering.

Some of their test market concepts involved reusing Uncle Klunk animatronics that they still owned, yet no longer had any real use for.

One of the projects was called Orwell: A Robot You Control for which, a retired Klunk animatronic had half of its cosmetics removed to reveal the mech[3]. Orwell was placed into a game room where guests could press different buttons on a panel in front of him to trigger his different movements and watch how they worked.

Another project involving Klunk was the creation of a new character named Uncle Pappy. Pappy looked exactly like Klunk, only he had a pair of glasses, a large orange beard made out of Dolli Dimples Hair, a blacked-out tooth, and wore red shirt with overalls[4]. Similar to Orwell, Pappy was also placed in the showroom. His performances involved singing short songs and giving basic advice. Pappy was voiced by Scott Wilson known for Chuck E. Cheese, Mr. Munch and a few more.