Wink in Laurel, Maryland

The Wink at a 3-Stage location, with ribbon.

Wink with original wording

The Wink with original "In Pizza We Trust" wording, from the Concept Unification Premiere showtape.


The Wink with original "In Pizza We Trust" wording, from the Fargo, North Dakota location.

The Wink is the animated movement of Chuck E. Cheese's left eye in the signs on the valence above 1-Stage, 2-Stage, 3-Stage, and Road Stage shows.

They contain an image of Chuck E. Cheese, and originally contained the phrase, "In Pizza We Trust". This phrase was later replaced by a red and white ribbon. However, 5 winks at 5 Chuck E. Cheese 3 stage locations were completely painted over in the mid 1990's. They were in the Mobile, Alabama, Huntsville, Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, Madison, Tennessee, and Roebuck locations. The "colored wink", as it is called, is still in the Mobile, Huntsville, and Madison locations today. This colored wink is rare, but the unpainted is even more so. It only exists in three locations in Huntsville, Alabama, Mobile, Alabama, and Madison, Tennessee.

Sometimes music plays while the Wink is winking. That music can also be found in the Bobby Bear intermissions.